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With a hearty “Ahalan was’ Ahalan,” Jordan welcomes investors. As a haven of stability in a tempestuous region, Jordan offers distinctive advantages. Boasting a well-educated and -trained population and an excellent infrastructure, corporations can rest assured that the advantages of the Kingdom will boost their businesses. Bordered by the Jordan River to the west, Saudi Arabia and Iraq to the south and east, and Syria to the north, Jordan has been an ocean of stability in a volatile region.

The legacy of the late King Hussein was as a peacekeeper and mediator, a mantle taken up by his son, King Abdullah II. Jordan’s history as the meeting place of cultures, including the Nabatean days of Petra and the Roman times of the Decapolis, has prepared it well for this role.

Jordan’s economy is booming, with superb returns in tourism, real estate and financial services. Evidence of this can be seen in the number of upscale developments in the Kingdom, such as Abdali in Amman and Ayla in Aqaba. Businesses are flocking here, bringing with them a ferment of excitement. The FIA World Championship races through Jordan in the spring, and the Jordan Festival brings world-renowned artists and performers in the summer.

Whatever your goals, Jordan can meet your needs. The Special Economic Zones and Industrial Estates offer unbeatable economic benefits. Incentive packages boost direct foreign investment. Current international agreements allow businesses operating in the Kingdom to reach out beyond the region to a global market. The excellent year-round weather, coupled with a diverse cultural and artistic scene, encourage a marvelous lifestyle. Welcome to Jordan. We have much to offer.


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