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Gulf Wings welcomes the brand new Lear Jet 60 to its growing fleet

Gulf Wings announced the addition of a new Lear Jet 60 to its existing fleet of managed private jets. The addition comes as part of the company's commitment to refine and redefine upscale private travel for discerning executives and VIPs in the region.

Since inception, Gulf Wings has grown steadily and has successfully earned a solid reputation for reliability, ethical business culture, premium service and customer care in the Aviation industry.
Commenting on the performance of the Lear Jet 60, Abu Ghazaleh said, "The Learjet 60 is in a class of its own. It is a powerful and proven aircraft with legendary performance. This plane will be based in Riyadh and will be under the supervision of our team in the region.
" The Bombardier Learjet 60 is the first in a new line of midsize business jets developed by Learjet of Wichita, Kansas. An extension of the Learjet 45 and 55 it offers on time performance and a new redesigned cabin for comfort and control. With an extended range of 2,510 nautical miles, Lear Jet 60 is also one of the quietest midsize aircraft, offering unrestricted access in noise sensitive airports with the strongest climb gradient in its class, from sea level to 41,000 feet in nineteen minutes with maximum takeoff weight.

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