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Challenger 605 (A6-AAG)

The Challenger has become the backbone of the worlds' most esteemed corporate fleets. An aircraft built in response to the needs and absolute necessities of pilots and business leaders alike, for today and tomorrow. By design, it provides corporate and government leaders with the widest - and indeed, one of the quietest - cabins in the industry, in which passengers can work or rest in total comfort and tranquility. It is also designed to ensure that the Bombardier Challenger aircraft, and those who fly in them, continue to stay ahead of all others.

Aircraft Specifications

Range7,408 km
Passenger CapacityUp to 12
Maximum Speed870km/hr
Crew 2 pilots, 1 attendant
Cabin Width2.19 m
Cabin Height1.85 m
Cabin Length8.66 m
Baggage Volume3.26 cubic m

seating layout

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